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Devils day

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Gone Girl

Wardrobe Secrets


Nick and Amy had a pretty normal life. But after being fired from their jobs as writers in New York, they move back to Nicks home town in Missouri.  Everything seemed to be going well, until one day, Amy was gone.

Join us as we find out what really happened to Amy. Is it possible she escaped? Is she dead? Did Nick do it? Everything is possible! And we love how Gillian Flynn has us hooked with every word written on the book.

If you’re not up to the book, the movie just came out and it has really good reviews, but nothing beats the book.

Hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did!

Till then,

-Alessandra and Ricky


Nick y Amy tenían una vida bastante normal. Pero después de ser despedido de sus trabajos como escritores en Nueva York, se mudan de nuevo a la ciudad natal…

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